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About Your Home In Lincoln Partners

One interesting thing about Cindi Hahn & Russ Quick is that we both took real estate classes together in 1999 and became friends. Russ was a music teacher at Mickle Middle School for 25 years, and Cindi worked for Quest Diagnostics in chemistry and client services for 23 years. We were both up for a change and knew real estate was the answer. We both worked independently as Realtors for several years and realized 5 years ago that working together as a team could make us even more successful. We have been a team since 2004 and 90 percent of our business comes to us from past client referrals. Our success is due to our communication skills, getting both the male and female perspective, and the fact that there is always one of us available to our clients.

We work out of the Woods Bros. Lincolnshire office, 7141 A Street, which we both agrees is the best office in town. We have the best boss ever in our broker Arla Myer, and a great group of agents to work with. We spend more time with each other than we do our spouses and still remain best friends. This is due to both of us having great senses of humor (just ask us) and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Our goal as partners is to continue to serve our clients and make every transaction as stress free as possible and continue to grow our business. Again we believe that communication is key. Buying or selling is a very stressful time for clients, so we do our best to counsel them about all the aspects of home ownership, getting their house prepared to sell, pricing in this crazy market and realistic expectations as far as how much equity there really is in their present home. We want sellers to be prepared for open houses every other weekend and if we are still not generating enough activity we invite all the realtors in on a Thursday and have them leave comments as to what they feel the price should be, what are the negative and positive aspects about this home and what they feel is needed to get it sold. Again it is all about the communication.

During the housing market crisis, we continued to keep busy and grow our business. We have to admit that some very long hours were put in generating new business along with more advertising expenses.

One of our greatest professional accomplishments is getting Woods Bros to recognize an unmarried couple as a team. Before Cindi and Russ became partners they only recognized married couples as teams. Now we have a new division that is a Team. Cindi and Russ have been included in the Top Ten Presidents Award pretty consistently.

Our favorite part of the job is our clients. Working with first time home buyers is extremely satisfying Cindi and Russ both have kids in their 30's so we are very careful to counsel them about hazards to avoid in the market. All the variety that comes with different age groups and price ranges keep the job interesting and fun. (except for never ending mountain of paper work)

If anyone is thinking of buying or selling a home or just want to get a handle on what their home might be worth, we can be contacted by a simple phone call to either of us. Cindi's is 730-5971 and Russ is 450-4815. Our website is http;//, e-mail is